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Electronic Control

Hop Shing has its own team of electronic engineers and software engineers taking care of the design and manufacturing of the PCBA for those more advanced small kitchen appliances.


Hop Shing could produce the best fit electronic board for your product from design, utilize and manufacturing. Our team would suggest the best specification the meet the product electronic motor parts.

Hot Air Reflow

Wave Solder


SMT cover most of the PCB production. Hop Shing has the capability to design and produce PCB cater to the small kitchen appliances. Our team promise a steady and effective production line of PCB chip.

Wave Soldering

Hop Shing is able to manufacture large scale PCB rapidly with wave-soldering process. PCBs board are loaded into the chamber of the machine and soldered on the whole surface automatically in the same simultaneously.

Function Test (FCT)

To guarantee quality, we perform function tests (FCT) on each PCB using custom-made function tester that simulates the intended field of application. Thus, Hop Shing could verify the functionality of product is error free.

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