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GMP Certified Workshop

Hop Shing has set up workshop based on GMP standard in order to maintaining good hygiene and cleanness in the manufacturing of food contact parts and products. We have continued to adhere to the GMP standard, to ensure our product are in high-quality, seamlessly made and assembled,


Establishing a GMP certified workshop provide a dustless environment during the product production progress and enable Hop Shing to produce more high quality food-contact parts and products. With the aid of clean environment, product could be well-assembled to achieve a high precision standard and keep clean to ensure better presentation especially for kitchenware.

The equipment

Anti-static seamless PVC Floor

Seamless floor with no gap in between so dirt and dust won’t get stuck inside. The floor is a sheet of no-static PVC which could easily be cleaned up. Installing the anti-static seamless floor at the workspace keeps the space clean and manageable.

Air Cleaning Tower

having a air purifying tower could further maintain a dustless working environment by monitoring and controlling the air condition within the workshop.

Robotic Assembly Line

To ensure the product produced from the workshop are clean, a robotic production line are set inside the workshop, and reduce human contact with the product.

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