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Quality Control Area

Quality control is one of the key contributors to our success. Hop Shing is committed to continue to provide the best quality products, hence we have devoted large manpower and resources to our QC team, enabling them to perform immediate quality assessment to upkeep our promise.


The Quality Control team performs checking to verify all incoming parts and materials as well as finished products conform to the required to the required Quality standard. Our longstanding partners could attest to the impeccable quality and design of our products, but do not just take our words for it, try our products, and see for yourselves.

MID STD 105E Sampling Plan Inspection

STA-2A transportation test

Dielectric Strength Test

Components reliability testing

Non-contact projective measuring test

Metal corrosion salt-spray test

The equipment

Product testing Room

Product samples are randomly chosen from production line and put in the product testing room for actual performance and life cycle. The product samples will be well labeled and monitored for in-depth data recording.

Precise Measuring Equipment

Calibrated measuring equipment are used by technicians to check on different aspects of a product. These equipment includes roundness tester, optical digital tester, hardness tester, standard light source, height gauge, and many more. 

Motor life tester

Motor-driven products are put in motor life tester area and tested specifically for motor reliability and endurance. They will finally be ready-to launch in the market after passing every test.

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