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Metal Manufacturing

Hop Shing is equipped with different types of machine to processing of various metal part. We produce all kind of state of the art metal parts that is well fit in the appliance product.


Hop Shing are experienced in all kind of processing metal method when it comes to producing all kind of metal parts well-fit for the product. With our selected professional processor, we could provide you the exact metal aesthetics you are looking for in your designs.



CNC Machining


Hop Shing produces parts such as motor lamination by stamping process. Our team make sure every stamping produced part are smooth and clean with the least wasted part.

CNC Machining

Hop Shing utilizes CNC machining in tooling fabrication in a high precision standard. We believe more precise of the prototype the more effective we confirm the parts dimension.


Welding is recommended to produce heavy duty complicated parts as it could fabricate two parts firmly to achieve a complex shape. Hop Shing have a solid grasp on welding technique through out accomplishing past projects and could ensure you a up-to-standard part for whichever small part or large heavy parts comes to hand.

Metal Forming

Hop Shing could apply and engineer metal forming right and well, which is an efficient and cheaper method of producing the metal part of your need.


For special weight part, we could arrange casting production for you. With sufficient surface treatment, the casted part could provide high class texture to your product.

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